Organic Pain au Levain


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Product Description: Classic sourdough bread made with 100% freshly milled whole wheat flour, water, levain and salt.

Ingredients: Wheat, water, levain and salt.

Bread's Dimensions: Pain-au-Levain is about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Storage Instructions: It's best to keep the breads on your kitchen counter in the cotton cloth bag they are delivered in. Alternately, you can keep the bread in a paper bag. It is advised that you don't keep breads inside plastic bags. You can also slice the breads and freeze for future use. Baguettes have the shortest shelf life (1-3 days) whereas our Rye breads have the longest shelf life (approx. 7-10 days). All other breads have a 3-5 day shelf life but that can be extended depending on climate/humidity.

Delivered In: Cotton Cloth Bag.

Return Instructions: Please shake out all the crumbs from the bread bag before returning the bag.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2022
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Glass Jar
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Gently rinse before return
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Barney’s Farm
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