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  • 100% Reusable
  • 100% Returnable
  • 100% Refillable
  • Eats
  • Ingredients
  • Groceries
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We source and deliver top-quality eats, ingredients and groceries in 100% reusable, returnable and refillable packaging.

SpringEats Works

The days of carrying soggy trash bags and sorting stinky packaging are over. Say hello to your beautiful pantry.

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Receive top quality eats and groceries in 100% waste-free packaging
We pick-up your empty reusables on your next delivery day from your doorstep

We empower our customers by offering healthy alternatives to the current status quo of toxic packaging and chemicals.

Our vision is to drive compassion and gratitude for Earth and all she provides to make life possible. In everything we do, we strive to cause no harm and bring joy to the communities we serve.

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Have Questions?

How does work?

Place your order online. We deliver your groceries, eats and ingredients in 100% reusable, refillable and returnable packaging. Our reusables are non-toxic (plastic-free and microplastic-free) and free from forever-chemicals (like PFAs). Enjoy mother nature’s delights. 🙂

On your next delivery day, place the empty reusables at your doorstep. We will deliver your new order and collect the empties. We commercially wash, dry and inspect all the reusables. Farmers and producers refill the reusables with fresh groceries, eats and ingredients. The reusables are then reintegrated into our circular farm-to-table hyperloop and grocery ecosystem.

What kind of groceries can I order?

An assortment that will make you want to throw a block party. YAY!!! 🙂 We deliver fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared meals, pantry items, snacks, spices, beverages, desserts, drinks and more! We are a full-service grocery store that delivers to your doorstep minus any kind of single-use packaging.

Can I choose what I order?

You choose what you want for each delivery and curate your own cart. Our shopping platform shows a complete list of everything that is fresh, available and ready to be delivered.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver in the Washington DC Metro area and will soon be in the Mid-Atlantic.

I want to become a member but I am not in your delivery radius.

We would love to have you. We come to new areas when we reach 1,00 members in a community. Please become a member so we can serve you and yours.

Why go through all this drama when I can recycle and compost it all anyway?

Despite what the labels say, single-use food packaging is not recyclable. Single-use plastics are destroying our environment. Even single-use “compostable” packaging, single-use paper packaging, single-use glass packaging, and single-use aluminum packaging are causing deep harm. These are regrettable substitutes and must be removed from our food system.

Reusing and reducing the overall volume of waste produced is the only way to solve our trash epidemic.

Are you another one of those zero-waste grocery delivery services?

Our system of reverse logistics and our expertise in circular supply chains transcends buzzwords like “zero waste.” SpringEats is fundamentally transforming the broken and toxic food system. Our vision is to build an alternate distribution system for food that is climate resilient and provides for all people. We are empowering farmers and producers. We are building a clean and food-secure future. We are removing the middlemen from the broken food system who only care about adding more pesticides, chemicals and packaging. We are changing the rules of the game. We are removing inefficiencies like single-use packaging and making trash history. SpringEats is more than just another zero waste grocery delivery service. It’s a movement.

What do you do about things like food waste?

As a member of SpringEats, you are solving our country’s huge food waste problem too. Each year $400B worth of food is wasted in the United States. The core reason is the nature of the food system. It was designed to be wasted. The system is full of greedy middlemen who have inserted themselves in places where they profit from generating waste. SpringEats’ system of distribution does not allow for inefficiencies like these. Solving food waste is a byproduct of our innovation. By becoming a member you solve this problem too.

What is in a nutshell?

Delivery of ingredients and food direct to homes in all reusable packaging; delivery of food and grocery products in reusable bags, jars and other containers to customers and pickup of empty bags, jars and other containers post-delivery from the customers. We also deliver sanitized bags, jars and other containers to local produce manufacturers and other vendors for refilling and picking up refilled bags, jars and other containers.

Our Mission

Make Trash History

This mission is very personal to us. There are more than 44,000 grocery stores in America but none provide the choice to shop package-free. No matter how organic, gluten-free or vegan, everything comes in single-use packaging.

Until now. SpringEats is the result of our dedication to building a solution that didn’t exist. What we deliver to your home is what we eat in ours. There are no compromises on quality, freshness and taste; just compassion and yearning for a healthy planet.

— Freedom and Clifford

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Prepared meals, fresh produce, pantry items, drinks and treats- delivered in style right to your doorstep. Always waste-free.